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Product Manager

Product Owner with wide-ranging experience in (+8 years) in product management, data analysis, BI, user'sexperience, agile environment and strategy.With a complete analytical and data-driven mindset, I work to make a business grow. Chess and Maths havehelped me think differently to overcome challenges.I enjoy working in startups as they are dynamic, fast and everyone has the same objective. Data is more thanjust numbers to me; I connect the dots to generate business impact.I’m passionate about digital products, data analysis and user experience.Persevering, analytical, energetic and self-managed, motivated by growing day by day. I'm passionate aboutsharing my excitement and enthusiasm with my team as we search for higher performance levels.I hope you like my work experience!Specialties:Product ManagementProduct OwnerProductDigital productBusiness IntelligenceDatabaseUser´s experienceTechnologyStart-up