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Back End Developer

My name is Matheus and I am from Brazil. I have been in touch with programming since 2010 as a hobby however, it became more than only a hobby. In 2012 I started working at Brothers Games Studio as a Software Engineer & Cofounder. In this position, I was responsible for making 3D Mobile Games for Android and IOS.Then in 2017, we changed the name for IO Apps and started developing from Games to Websites for many companies in Brazil. At IO Apps I have worked as a Senior Software Engineer.In November 2017, I took a new job as a Senior Software Engineer at Dynamix. Here I was in charge of developing a Health Insurance Software. Then, In July 2019, I accepted a new challenge what I think was a life-changing event, I started working remotely for a company based in São Paulo called HTC. Working remotely is awesome and I am able to produce much more than working in an office.