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Back End Developer

My name is Alex. I was born in Barcelona in the 84 and I live in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain), with my wife and our son.I define myself as a curious and persistent person.I am an avid reader and I love my profession so, I always have some book to read or I'm either enrolled in some course to have fun, learn and to be up to date.Regarding to my experience, I have been working into responsive web apps, REST APIs, desktop apps, middleware and native development for mobile. Kotlin and backend services have become my primary interest in the field of software engineering.I have a strong interest in improving my skills and knowledge on a daily basis to be the best professional I can be, always with good practices and standards in mind.I believe that unit testing is a powerful, bidirectional and extremely helpful tool.Recently, I discovered the benefits of functional programming so eventually I decided to start my own path to learn how to think like a functional programmer.