Leandro Perez

About me
Software engineer with 13+ years of experience creating software professionally and 17+ years writing code. I am proficient at building apps and games for mobile devices, especially iOS. Passionate about quality and maintainability when it comes to code and application architecture. Working remotely with mobile technologies since 2009. Several apps published to the App Store and Play Store. 2 Computer Science degrees. Languages: Swift, Objective-C, C#, Smalltalk, Java, C++
Mobile DeveloperCelerative
Mobile Developer
09/2017 - 03/2019

A fitness iOS App that manages workouts, training plans, gym class schedules, media content, etc. 175k MAU, 25k DAU and growing, with a historical 99.9% crash free rate. The app talks to a REST API to display videos, images, etc. It connects to heart rate monitors using Bluetooth and it talks to HealthKit, Firebase, and other tools. Among my tasks and responsibilities, it's worth mentioning: - Designing the iOS app architecture. - Leading the iOS team. - Core features implementation, like Bluetooth connection with HR monitors and Store integration. - Building the CI environment through Fastlane Scripts and Bitrise integration. - iOS dev center certificates and provisioning profiles handling. Technologies: - Swift - RxSwift - Quick and Nimble


SwiftRxSwiftCore DataFirebase
Mobile DeveloperBake450
Mobile Developer
07/2012 - 12/2016

Built and published several native iOS titles in Objective-C and multi-platform games using Unity3d and C#. I was involved in all aspects of development: architecture design, core-gameplay features, reusable framework tools, UI, publishing to Apple and Google Play stores, etc. Some of the tasks I was involved in include: -A p2p synchronization mechanism for a Real-Time online racing game. -Several state machine mechanisms for turn based games. -An animation importer to use 3DStudio 2d animations in Cocos2D. -An automatic JSon persistence solution using c# attributes. -A Google sheets-to-Unity3D data importer and a code generator to create classes and bring static game entities into unity3d by pressing a button. Objective-C, Cocos2d, C#, Unity3d, Photon Networking, StrangeIoC.


Mobile DeveloperGlobant
Mobile Developer
11/2011 - 11/2012

Project architecture design, definition and installation of coding styles and best practices, code reviews, developer mentoring, reusable components building, etc. I designed the system architecture and led a team of 5 people to build Rumble Kitten, an iOS game using Cocos2D mixed with UIKit. Objective-C, UIKit, Cocos2D.


Mobile DeveloperNextive Solutions
Mobile Developer
Nextive Solutions
12/2009 - 12/2011

As Tech-Lead I organized work among team members, did memory management analysis and improvements, 3rd-party SDKs integration, In-app Purchases integration, custom persistence solutions, asynchronous communication, etc. I worked in projects for top companies in the social gaming industry and coded several key features for games that reached the top 10 in the App Store, Ranking and Grossing. Native iOS projects: Mobsters Mobile, Crime City, Sorority Life, Social City, Monster Galaxy Objective-C, UIKit, Cocos2D.


Back End DeveloperLIFIA
Back End Developer
04/2007 - 12/2009

*R&D in web engineering. Using Smalltalk and Seaside, I researched aspects of Volatile functionality in web applications. I built a set of integrated games using Ajax, CSS and Javascript to study how to introduce new functionalities into existing and new web applications. This evolved into my undergraduate thesis project. For 2 years, I worked on this project for a year at Lifia and continued it for another year in my own time until I concluded my thesis. *R&D in Games and Entertainment Industry (ID-Interactive). I studied theoretical concepts of casino games and how to extend them to integrate smaller games in a seamless way using C++. As a result of these studies, a new concept named "side game" was introduced into the company's set of technologies (patents are pending). *C++ Developer and PM (ID-Interactive) I extended a slotmachine game platform by introducing a framework that allows the integration of new functionalities, smaller games, into existing games. Several prototypes were developed during almost a year. In the last months of this project I managed two junior C++ developers and helped develop game extensions. *iPhone Developer. During 5 months I explored the iPhone platform and developed a series of small prototypes to evaluate iPhone technologies. Particularly, cocos2d was explored in conjunction with chipmunk as a physics engine. I submitted a small test application to the app store to learn about the process. Smalltalk, C++, Objective-C, Seaside, UIKit, Cocos-2d.


03/2001 - 01/2008
Computer Analyst, Computer Science
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
03/2001 - 01/2010
Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology
Universidad Nacional de La Plata