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Back End Developer

Bio:* Entrepreneur.* Looking for more work experience.* Pro-active.* Easy learning ability.* Experience in handling group.* Experience working remotely* Open to be relocated to another country.* Software development* Test Automation* Fan of automation processes* 6+ years as Project Technical Leader* Quick adaptation to the urgency and needs* Real FullStack (Web/Backend/Mobile/DevOps)* English Speaker* Freelancer Remote experiences* Scrum believer* SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) lover.* Everything should be reusable and scalableOverall Tech-Skills:10+ years JavaScript (FrameWorks, FrontEnd, Jquery, NodeJS, AngularIO, React, AngularJS, MeanJS)5+ years C# (MVC4,2, EntityFrameWork,Linq,ASP.NET,Windows Phone)7+ years NoSQL (MongoDB, Mongoose)6+ years SQL (Microsoft 2006/2012, MySQL)3+ years Java (Android Native,Applets, DesktopApps)2+ years PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel,Native)2+ years iOS (Swift)