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Full Stack Developer

Specialist in the development of products, systems and startups, trained in two areas of knowledge: Computer science with emphasis on web and mobile develop; Graphic Design with an emphasis on marketing and corporate identity; with 18 years of experience in web development and 14 in graphic design. IT: Full Stack Web Developer, experience in API development, mysql, sqlite and mongodb databases, hybrid application development, web applications, progressive web applications, cybersecurity, vuejs, vuex, vue router, vue resource, jquery, php, laravel, css, devops, UX and UI, linux, javascript game development, cocos2dx. Graphic Design: Experience in corporate identity, 3d design, product designer, marketing, community manager, design of advertising pieces, multimedia. Passionate about technology and design, I have experience in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Miami, Florida, USA. I like that my works are high impact, optimized, scalable and usable.