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Front End Developer

I`m a 10 years experienced Fullstack Javascript Software Developer (Frontend focused) with agile skills and passionated about innovation. Hands on moderns stacks frontend oriented such as JAMStack (Markup, APIs and CDN deployment) and frameworks like React, Next.js and Hugo.(Languages) && (Frontend Frameworks / SSG) && (Databases) - (experience) => you can found in the celerative labels++++++plus:CI/CD Tools / Containers• Netlify CI/CD (6y exp) • Circle CI (1.5y exp)• Lambda (4y exp)• AWS (4y exp)• Docker / GCloud (3y exp)Development Management Skills / Tools• SCM / Git (9y exp), SVN (4y exp)• Bug tracking systems / Jira, GitHub Issues/Project, ZenHub (4y exp)• Software testing / Jest, Mocha, Sinon-Chai (5y exp)• IDE’s / VS Code, Atom, Sublime (7y exp)• Methodologies / Agile, Scrum, TDD, Kanban (9y exp)