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UI Designer

I was born in Argentina, but when a was quite young, in 2001 my family decided to move to Europe, because of the well known crisis Argentina was going through back then. We spent a year living in Madrid, and a year in London wich I enjoyed and apreciate the most because it was a great oportunity to learn the language and also to be a part of such a different culture. On 2004 I was back in Argentina but a great bagage of awesome experiences wich later I learned how lucky I was to have. Since I was a child I draw, my mom is a Designer and always insisted on me and my brothers to explore our creative side, wich I did luckily, so here I am, studying Multimedia Design at the University of La Plata, recently I started as student assistant at one of the main subjects of the career.But my path is quite uncommon, before I entered College I had a fair amount of work experience in Design. First I started as a facilitator on Design Thinking workshops in wich later, when I understood the theory and methods, I decided to participate as a speaker, giving one-day workshops for almost 100 argentinians entrepreneurs. At the same time I was giving the workshops I was given the oportunity of entering the digital products world as a UX/UI Designer. The job was at Ubykuo labs, a young Startup aiming to develop and design software. I work there from 2016 to 2019, almost everything I know, Design-wise, I learned it there, having real experiences, building products, understanding the users, interacting with clients, designing beatiful interfaces. But it's over now, Ubykuo had to close because some major financial issues. So now I´m looking for a place to continue growing as a professional, and also that gives me the freedom to work from home and in that way let me carry on my studies.