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Back End Developer

I had contact with my first PC in 1995 and I was hooked up forever with computers.I started learning BASIC at 8 and began writing programs using Turbo Pascal back in 1998 for a High School Programming Contest at my hometown.I got my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), Havana, Cuba; where I did graduate with honours in 2007.I've worked professionally mostly with Microsoft .NET stack and also heavily used Docker for microservices, developed REST APIs and happily fought against a bunch of challenging user stories.Lately, I've been playing a lot with Azure and Cloud Computing technologies, NoSQL Databases, Elasticsearch and some other of the good things we see popping out these days.On my free time, I enjoy the company of my beautiful wife and my little girl Ema, I play soccer with my friends, listen to Joaquín Sabina and Metallica (usually not together ;-))