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The Talent Economy

In this article we discuss the impact of the arrival of freelancers with their new way of working and how to benefit from their advantages through sites such as Celerative.

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Total Talent Management

Companies have to adapt to the new times, where the work paradigm becomes heterogeneous with the arrival of freelancers. Below we will see how to take advantage of this situation.

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The Blended Workforce

An eficient talent management is a very hard task for any company. The blended workforce is a response to this problem. In this article we’ll see what it is and its benefits.

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A glimpse at self-driving car technology

A definition of what it means for a vehicle to be autonomous tells us it should be capable of “measure its environment and navigate without human instructions”. Nowadays, it is not strange to think of this type of vehicles since they are commercialized, at least to some extent, with this capacity.

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Quality Management & Software Development

How do we ensure Quality software? Quality is defined, according to ISO, as “degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meets previously determined requirements”; and those requirements, as an established need or expectation, generally implicit or mandatory.

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